Fire Department

The Middleton Fire Department is a full-spectrum life saving agency protecting more than 10,000 persons daily who reside in a community consisting over 13 square miles.

Department Staff

The Middleton Fire Department which is led into action by Chief Douglas K. LeColst consists of 1 fire station which is centrally located in the community and employs 37 men and women who are a mix of both full-time and part-time personnel. These members participate in a variety of functions and duties including fire suppression, Emergency Medical Services (both advanced and basic), hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, 911 dispatching (fire, police, EMS), public education and community service.
Fire Department Patch
Of the 37 members listed above, 17 are trained at the EMT-Basic level, 15 are trained at the EMT-Advanced level and the remaining members are first responder certified. All members are CPR trained and also trained in E911 dispatching.

Community Growth

In the year 2021, the Middleton Fire Department responded to just over 2,200 incidents involving a wide range of emergencies. Like many surrounding communities, the Town of Middleton continues to grow at a rapid rate and so to does the responsibilities of the fire service.