Senior and Veteran Tax Work-Off Program

Senior Tax Work-Off Program

If you are 60 and over and live in Middleton in a home in which you are listed on the deed, then you may qualify to earn up to $1000, per calendar year, in real estate tax credits. The work you do will be for the benefit of the residents of Middleton. We have a wide range of job opportunities in various municipal departments. We have an application for you to submit, along with a policy statement. All applications are processed through the Middleton Council on Aging. For more information, contact Susan Gannon.

Two people who are listed on the same deed may "job-share," if qualified, to earn the maximum of $1,000 per household, per calendar year.

There have been times when these jobs, and / or other volunteer jobs, have resulted in part-time employment by the Town of Middleton, although there is no guarantee of same.


View or download the Senior Work-Off Application Form (PDF).