Town Officials - Appointed

 (As of 10/18/2018)

Town Administrator
Andrew Sheehan (2021)

Assistant Town Administrator
Tanya Stepasiuk

Town Accountant
Sarah Wood (2019)

Custodian of Town Lands
Robert F. Murphy (2020)

Donald J. Carter (2019)

Assistant Treasurer
Belinda Young (2020)

Town Counsel
Mead Talerman and Costa (2021)

Assistant Assessor
Bradford W. Swanson (2020)

Administrative Assessor
Theresa A. Fontaine (2019)

Assistant Town Clerk
Carmelina Fiore (2020)

Chief of the Fire Department
Director of Emergency Management
Thomas J. Martinuk (2019)

Chief of Police
James A. DiGianvittorio

Superintendent of Schools
Scott Morrison
Building Commissioner
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Fence Viewer & A.D.A. Officer

Scott Fitzpatrick (2019)

Superintendent of Burials
Leah Moreschi (2020)

Election Officers
Douglas McDermod, Warden (2021)
Eileen Bakoian, Clerk (2021)

Executive Director of the
Middleton Housing Authorit
Cindy Dunn/Danvers Housing Authority
Director of the Council on Aging
Susan Gannon (2020)

Middleton Electric Light
Department Manager

Michael Cloutier

Essex North Shore Regional Agricultural
 and Technical School District Representative

Alexandra Liteplo (12/31/2020)

Representative to the Metropolitan
Area Planning Council

Katrina O’Leary (2020)

Liaison to the Southern Essex Sewerage

John M. Knott

Representative to the Ipswich  River 
Watershed District Advisory Board

Paul Crofts (2015)

Representative to the Harold Parker
State Forest Advisory Board


Municipal Hearing Officer, Parking Clerk, & 
Municipal Liaison to the Ethics Commission

Ilene B. Twiss (2020)

Danvers/Middleton Water Study
Task Force

Nancy Jones
Registrars of Voters
Ilene B. Twiss (ex officio)
Vacancy (2017)
Richard Cardinale (2019)
James V. Hannon Jr. (2018)

Memorial Day Committee
Ronald Draper (2019)
Shirley Reynard (2020)
Scott Saulnier (2021)
Robert Wahl    (2020)
Vacancy  (2018)
Vacancy  (2018) 

Cultural Council
Meghan Walter (2019)
Diana Jackson (2020)
Richard Gilman (2019)
Judy Schneider (2020)
Vacancy  (2018)

Council on Aging
Barbara Tilton (2019)
Joan Shea-Desmond (2019)
Carol Car (2019)
Alice Tierney (2020)
Barbara Sanborn (2020)
Gerald Gove (2021)
Leah Magnifico (2021)
Kathryn Martinuk (2021)
Francis J. Leary, Jr. (2021)
Barbara Sogdiana (Alternate)    (2019)
Wendy Tirck (Alternate)  (2019)
Ellen Strobel (Alternate)  (2019)

Recreation Commission
Michelle Creasi    (2020)
James Desrochers (Alternate) (2021)
Hayato Tsurumaki (Alternate) (2021)
Natasha Bansfield (2019)
Sonja Nathan Bradstreet (2020)
Vacancy (2018)

 Industrial and Commercial               
Design Review Committee
Michael Watkin (2019)
Chuck Kozlosky (2019)
Paul Richardson (2020)
Robert Murphy (2021)

Scholarship Committee 
Shirley Raynard (2019)
Vacancy (2019)
Claudia Johnson (2020)
Vacancy (2018)

Municipal Tax Relief Committee
Deborah Carbone (2019)
Belinda Young (ex officio) (2021)
Robert. F. Murphy (2020)
Patricia Ohlson (2018)
Jeffrey Garber (2021)
Ronald Draper  (2019)

Complete Streets Committee
Kristin Kent (2020)
Scott Fitzpatrick (2020)
Vacancy (2020)
Derek Fullerton (2020)
Vacancy (2020)
Katrina O’Leary (2020)

Rails to Trails Committee
Derek Fullerton (2020)
Thomas Martinuk (2020)
Scott Downs (2020)
Vacancy (2020)

Alternate Members of the Planning Board
Karin Turner (2018)
Nicholas Bonugli (2018)

Local Building Inspector
Michael Donahue (2020)
E. Peter Swindell  (2020)

Local Cable Television Access Director
Paul A. Pellicelli (2020)

Public Health Director
Public Health Sanitarian
Conservation Commission Administrator
Hazardous Waste Coordinator

Derek Fullerton (2020)

Assistant Health Agents
Leo Cormier
Ron Beauregard

Planning Coordinator
Katrina O’Leary (2020)

Plumbing and Gas Inspector
Ray F. Abbott (2020)

Alternate Plumbing & Gas Inspector
Peter Sakelakos (2019)

Inspector of Wires
James Carbone (2020)

Alternate Inspector of Wires
James Evans (2018)

Town Librarian
Melissa Gaspar

Superintendent of Public Works
Superintendent of Insect Pest Control

Robert N. LaBossiere (2020)

Animal Control Officer & Inspector of Animals
Vacancy (2020)

Director of Veterans’ Services
Gary Bent (2021)

Finance Committee
Steven A. Cocciardi (2019)
Michelle Cresta (2019)
John Erickson (2020)
Richard Gregorio (2020)
Antonietta Mertz (2021)
John Mahoney (2021)
George E. Dow, Sr. (2021)

Conservation Commission
Michael G. Sliney (2019)
Andrea Nelson (2020)
Antonio Pesce (2020)
LaurieYork (2018)
Vacancy    (2018)

Conservation Agent
Kristin Kent (2021)

Board of Health
Matthew Greenfield    (2019)
Judy Schneider  (2020)
George Demeritt  (2020)
Paul LeBlanc (2021)
Ray Cryan (2021)

Board of Appeals
Richard Nazzaro (2021)
Anne LeBlanc-Snyder (Alternate) (2019)
Craig Hartwell (Alternate) (2019)
James E. Fox (2021)
Ann Tragert Cote (2022)
Nicholas A. Yebba (2019)
Carolyn Damato-McPherson (2020)

Solid Waste Study and
Town Recycling Committee

Vacancy (2016)
Vacancy (2019)
Vacancy (2016)
Derek Fullerton (2019)
Vacancy (2016)

Representative to the Boxford
State Forest Advisory Board

Paul Crofts (2015)

Historical Commission
Pike Messenger (2019)
Vacancy (2019)
Anne LeBlanc-Snyder (2020)
Sarah B. George (2020)
Shirley Raynard (2021)

Master Plan Committee
Annie Wilton (2021)
John LeBlanc (2021)
Paul Richardson (2018)
Vacancy (2019)
Robert Murphy (2019)
Timothy Houten (2019)
Peter Moon (2020)
John Erickson (2020)
Nicholas Bonugli  (2021)

Community Preservation Committee
Laurie York (2019)
Timothy Houten (2019)
Steven Cocciardi (2019)
Ilene Twiss (2020)
Kosta Prentakis (2020)
Ann LeBlanc-Snyder (2020)
Robert Murphy (2021)
Maryanne Erickson (2021)
Anthony Tierno (2021)

Water Advisory Committee
Fire Chief
Town Administrator
Selectmen’s Rep.
Planning Board Representative
Supt. of  DPW
Public Health Director

Bylaw Review Committee
Vacancy (2019)
Robert Ambrefe (2019)
Timothy Houten (2019)
Jeff Garber (2019)
Beverly Popielski (2019)
Ilene Twiss (ex officio) (2019)
Sarah B. George (2019)
Public Facilities Planning and Building Committee
George Dow Sr. (2019)
Erik Dalen (2019)
Christine Lindberg (2019)
John Mahoney (2019)
Lance MacInnis (2019)
Richard Benevento (2019)
Bill Mertz (2019)
Anthony Tierno (2019)
Robert Aldenberg (2019)