Town Officials - Appointed

 (As of 07/06/2022)

Town Administrator
Andrew Sheehan  

Chief Procurement Officer
Andrew Sheehan                   2025

Assistant Town Administrator
   &  HR Director
Jackie Bresnahan                  2024

Town Accountant/Finance Director
Sarah Wood                          2024

Nick Federico                      2024

Assistant Treasurer/Collector
Morgan Savage

Chief Assessor
Bradford W. Swanson           2024

  Deputy  Assessor
Therese A. Fontaine            2023

Assistant Town Clerk
Carmelina Fiore                    2023

Chief of the Fire Department
Director of Emergency Management
Douglas LeColst 

Chief of Police
William P. Samspon               2025

Town Counsel
Mead, Talerman and Costa     2024

Superintendent of Schools
Scott Morrison
Library Director
Loretta Johnson

Director of Veterans' Services
Jerome Thomas                       2025

Building Commissioner
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Fence Viewer & A.D.A. Officer

Scott Fitzpatrick                     2025

Local Building Inspector
Michael Donahue                     2023
Michael Mercurio                      2024
E. Peter Swindell (Alternate)     2025

Plumbing and Gas Inspector
Gary Paul                                2024
Peter Sakelakos (Alternate)    2023
Todd Moreschi (Alternate)       2025

Inspector of Wires
James J. Carbone                  2023
Mark Fialkowski (Alternate)    2023

Superintendent of Public Works
Superintendent of Insect Pest Control

Paul Goodwin                         2025          

Superintendent of Burials

Public Health Director
Public Health Sanitarian
Conservation Commission Administrator
Hazardous Waste Coordinator
Traci Mello                                 2025
Assistant Health Agents
Leo Cormier                                2023
Ronald Beauregard                     2025

Animal Control Officer &
Inspector of Animals
Beverly Milward                           2025
Kevin Nicholas                             2025

Town Planner
Katrina O'Leary                           2023

Custodian of Town Lands
Robert F. Murphy                        2023

Local Cable Television Access Director
Paul A. Pellicelli                           2023

Election Officers
Warden                                     Vacant
Eileen Bakoian -Clerk                2024

Registrars of Voters
Ilene B. Twiss (Ex Officio)
Justin W. Bingham                    2023
Sarah George                           2023
Richard Cardinale                     2025

Executive Director of the
Middleton Housing Authorit
Cindy Dunn/Danvers Housing Authority

Director of the Council on Aging
Jillian Smith                            2023

Middleton Electric Light
Department Manager

Michael Cloutier

Essex North Shore Regional Agricultural
and Technical School District Representative

Alexandra Liteplo                  12/31/2023

Representative to the Metropolitan
Area Planning Council

Katrina O'Leary                      2023

Municipal Hearing Officer, Parking Clerk, & 
Municipal Liaison to the Ethics Commission

Ilene B. Twiss                      2023
Board of Appeals
William Renault                                2023
Meghan Walter (Alternate)               2023
Anne LeBlanc-Snyder(Alternate)     2023
Richard J. Benevento                       2024
Carolyn Damato-McPherson            2025
Craig Hartwell                                   2026
Anne Cote                                        2027

Board of Health
George Demeritt                     2023
Judy Schneider                       2023
Raymond Cryan                      2024
Paul LeBlanc                           2024
Matthew Greenfield                 2025

Bylaw Review Committee
Vacant                               2022
Ilene Twiss (ex officio)        2022
John Dimino                       2023
Jeffrey Garber                    2023
Meghan Walter                   2024
Richard Cardinale              2024
Justin Bingham                   2025

Charter Review Committee
Frank Twiss                       2023
George E. Dow, Sr.            2023
James Vining                     2023
Naomi Doherty                  2023
Natalie Lovett                    2023
Sarah B. George               2023
Sharon Bainbridge            2023

Community Preservation Committee
Ann LeBlanc-Snyder          2023
Kosta Prentakis                  2023
Ilene B. Twiss                      2023
Anthony DeGregorio           2024
Mary Ann Erickson              2024
Robert Murphy                    2024
Anthony Pesce                    2024
Jeffrey Garber                     2025
John Erickson                      2025

Complete Streets Committee
Kristin Kent                   2023
Scott Fitzpatrick            2023
Derek Fullerton            2023
Katrina O'Leary            2023
Vacant                          2020   
Vacant                          2020

Conservation Commission
Andrea Nelson                                       2023
Anthony Pesce                                       2023
Gerald Gove                                           2024
Kristin Kent  (Agent)                                2024
Susan Piccole                                         2024
Michael G. Sliney                                    2025

Council on Aging

Alice Tierney                                            2023
Barbara Sanborn                                     2023
Ellen Strobel                                            2023
Francis J. Leary, Jr.                                  2024
Gerald Gove                                            2024
Leah Magnifico                                        2024
Linda Cornell                                           2025
Joan Shea-Desmond                               2025
Wendy Tirck                                             2025

Cultural Council
Lauren Calabrese                                   2023
Diana Jackson                                         2023
Judy Schneider                                        2023
George M. Cumming, Jr.                          2024
Meghan Walter                                        2025
Michael Givens                                        2025
Pamela H. Rosner                                   2025

Finance Committee                               
John Erickson (co-Chair)                       2023
Richard Gregorio (co-Chair)                  2023
George E. Dow, Sr.                                2024
Antonietta C. Mertz                                2024
John Mahoney                                       2024
Jason Vining                                          2025
Michelle  Cresta                                    2025

Historical Commission
Anne LeBlanc-Snyder                         2023
Sarah B. George                                 2023
Shirley Raynard                                   2024
Anne Cote                                            2025
Pike Messenger                                   2025

Housing Authority
Ilene B. Twiss - State Appt                      2010
 Vacant -Tenant Rep                               2026

Industrial and Commercial
Design Review Committee

Sarah L. Luscomb                                2023
Kenda Petrone                                     2024
Robert Murphy                                     2024
Linda M. Richard                                  2025

Masconomet Regional School District
Capital Advisory Committee
John Erickson

Master Plan Committee
Vacant-Citizen at Large                              2021
Vacant-Citizen at Large                               2021
John Erickson- Finance Comm Rep            2023
Peter Moon- Citizen at Large                      2023
Karen E. McCafferty- Citzen at Large         2024
Annette Wilton-Citizen at Large                  2024
Brian Carroll- Planing Board Rep               2024
Brian Cresta - Select Board Rep                2025
Robert Murphy- Citzen at Large                 2025   

Memorial Day Committee
Vacant                                    2020
Robert Wahl                           2023
Jillian Kemp                            2024
Scott Saulnier                         2024
Mira Plante                             2025
Javier Montanez                      2025

Municipal Property Tax Relief Committee
Nick Federico (Ex-Officio)
Kosta Prentakis- Select Board Rep           2022
Vacant-Citizen at Large                              2022
Robert F. Murphy- Citzen at Large              2023
Deborah Carbone-BOA-Rep                       2024

Planning Board- Alternate Members
 Vacant  (Alternate)                              
Vacant   (Alternate)

Rails to Trails Committee
Richard Gilman                          2023
Richard Kassiotis                       2023
Charles Costigan                       2024
Martin Emmick                            2024
John LeBlanc                             2025
Sherri Armitage                          2025

Recreation Commission
Vacant                                       2022
Michaela Anderson                    2023
James DesRocher                     2024
Michelle Creasi                          2025
Jessica Sollazo                          2025

Scholarship Committee
Claudia Johnson                      2023
Shirley Raynard                       2025
Ilene B. Twiss                            2025
Rodney Pendleton                    2025

Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Carolyn Damato- MacPherson                2024
Annette Wilton                                         2024
John Erickson-Finance Comm Rep          2024
Richard Gregorio- Finance Comm Rep    2024
Jeffrey Garber- Select Bd Rep                  2024
Jackie Bresnahan- Ex Officio                    2024
Nick Federico- Ex Officio                           2024
Paul Goodwin- Ex Offico                            2024

Town Building Committee
Frank Twiss                                 2024
George E. Dow, Sr.                      2024
Kyle Smith                                    2024
Nicholas Bonugli                           2024
Paul F. Armitage                           2024
Roger  Bourgeois                         2024
William Renault                             2024
William P. Sampson (Ex Officio)    2024
Thomas Martinuk (Ex Officio)       2024
Jillian Smith (Ex Officio)                2024
Andrew Sheehan (Ex Officio)       2024

Tri-Town School Union Regional
Planning Committee
Michelle Aitken
Roger Bourgeois
Kosta Prentakis

Water Advisory Committee
Fire Chief
Town Administrator
The Select Board Rep
Planning Board Representative
Supt. of DPW
Public Health Director