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In order to improve the flow of information to residents and businesses I am recording a regular series of videos. The videos will be brief – generally just a few minutes – and I hope to post one every week. Videos will be released through the Latest News notices function of the Town’s website. They will focus on relevant topics in Middleton. Topics will include budgets and finance, Town Meetings, elections, COVID-19, the public facilities project, and others. I will include breaking news and other miscellany. I invite you to watch and ask for your feedback at

In today’s video, Town Administrator Andy Sheehan previews the proposed Public Facilities Complex at 105 South Main Street. Town Meeting will debate and vote on the request on June 5, 2021.

We want to know what information you need from us. We created a Google form to make it easy for you to anonymously share your thoughts with us. 

Click on the link to submit your questions. The link keeps your identity anonymous.

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