Town Building Committee

The Town Building Committee oversees and manages the construction of the public facilities project.  

For current updates on the facilities project click here.

Click here for agendas and minutes. 

Upcoming Meetings

January 18, 2023, 6PM, Council on Aging

February 27, 2023, 7PM, Fuller Meadow School

Please check the website to confirm meeting time and location. 

Committee Members

  • William Renault, Chair
  • Paul Armitage, Member
  • Nicholas Bonugli, Member
  • Roger Bourgeois, Member
  • George Dow, Sr., Member
  • Thomas Martinuk, Ex-Officio
  • William Sampson, Ex-Officio
  • Andrew Sheehan, Ex-Officio
  • Jillian Smith, Ex-Officio
  • Kyle Smith, Member
  • Frank Twiss, Member