New Online Permitting for Zoning Board of Appeals


Applicants will soon have the ability to submit Zoning Board of Appeals applications using the town's online permitting portal. Please be patient as we work out the kinks in the system.  You will find instructions for the applications available online below:

To begin:

1.  Click on “Licenses & Permits” on the Town of Middleton homepage  

2.  Click on “Online Permitting Portal”

3.  Click on "Apply for a Permit" under "Board of Appeals/Planning Department"

4.  If you are a new user, register by clicking "Register Now" or enter your user name and password and click "Login"

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Note: Click here to access an interactive map where you can enter a Middleton address and get detailed information, including zoning, and view the property card.

After application is submitted:

TO SAVE APPLICATION BEFORE SUBMITTING: Click “save for later”, then “My Account” at top of page, then “My pending application”.

TO VIEW COPY OF SUBMITTED APPLICATION: Click “My Account” at top of page, then “View my Requests”.