Online Permitting for Planning Board

Applicants are required to submit planning board applications using the town's online permitting portal.   You will find instructions for the applications available online below:


To begin:

  1. Click on “Licenses & Permits” on the Town of Middleton homepage 
  2. Click on “Online Permitting Portal”
  3. Instructions for each type of application can be found here.

Note:  Click here to access an interactive map where you can enter a Middleton address and get detailed information, including zoning, and view the property card.

After application is submitted:

  1. TO SAVE APPLICATION BEFORE SUBMITTING: Click “save for later”, then “My Account” at top of page, then “My pending application”.
  2. TO VIEW COPY OF SUBMITTED APPLICATION: Click “My Account” at top of page, then “View my Requests”.