Annual Town Census

The Town Clerk's Office conducts the annual municipal census starting in January, as required under Massachusetts State Law. Residents are requested to review, update, sign and return the census form mailed to them by the Town within 10 days -even if there are no changes.

Some of the data collected through the census is published by statute in what is commonly known as the "Street List."

This publication contains a Precinct / Street breakdown and an alphabetical-by-name index of residents seventeen andolder as of January 1st, annually.

Why the Census Matters

Responding to the annual census is important for many reasons:

  • To maintain a voter's "active" voter status
  • To maintain accurate population information
  • For the allocation of State and Federal Funds and grants to the Town
  • To provide proof of residency for numerous personal and/or legal requirements such as
    • Housing benefits for the elderly or other eligible persons
    • In-state tuition at State colleges or universities
    • School enrollment
    • Veterans benefits


If you have not received your census form or you are new to Middleton, please contact our office 978-774-6927 or
complete a census form and mail it to:

Town Clerk's Office

48 South Main Street

Middleton, MA 01949


A  person may not register to vote or change their voter status through any notation on this form. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office for information regarding voter registration or any change you wish to make to your voter status.

On Line Voter Registration new and change at:

More Information

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