Vote By Mail

Massachusetts voters now have the option to vote early by mail in all elections. To request your Vote by Mail ballot, submit a signed application to the Office of the Town Clerk.

Any written request with your signature is also an acceptable application for a ballot.


Applications can be submitted by mail, email, or fax.    If you’re emailing your application, you need to sign it in a way that can be compared to your hand-written signature. 

Electronic signatures, scanned applications, and photos of applications are acceptable.

 Typed signatures cannot be accepted.


Applying for a Primary Ballot


If you’re applying for a primary ballot, and you aren’t registered in a party, you must indicate which party’s ballot you want to receive. If you don’t provide a party on your application, you will not receive a primary ballot.

If you’re unenrolled(commonly called “Independent”) or enrolled in political designations, you are allowed to vote in the party primary of your choice. Your ballot choice will not affect your party registration.

Application Deadlines


Any mail-in ballot must be requested in writing at least 5 business days before Election Day.
Application deadlines could change due to holidays (check with the town clerk’s office). 

Your application can only be accepted if it has reached your local election office by the deadline.

Vote by Mail Application

Mail to:
 Office of the Town Clerk
 48 South Main Street
 Middleton, MA   01949

Fax Number:      978-774-6167
 Email Address: